Friday, May 8, 2009

More planting

This is the time in gardening I most look forward to - planting dates beginning! I really enjoy being able to have a garden to tend to, but sometimes it seems that there isn't much tending to do at all. Or, that the weeds have gotten so out of hand that there is too much to tend to. I of course enjoy the harvesting, but that's too's really the eating that I enjoy from that, which is no work at all. It seems now that the time when we can start getting more and more plants or seeds in the ground is upon us. Here's what we've been up to lately:

Arugula: 4/10 and 4/28 (I tried making a seed tape, but I don't think they are germinating)

Beets, Golden Detroit: 4/15, 4/29 (looking good so far)
Bull's Blood and Chiogga: 4/29

Carrots: 4/15 (they've sprouted nicely!)

Lettuce: Salad Bowl Mix: 4/28, all are sprouting nicely, and we've transplated successfully the heads that are growing too closely.

Radishes, French Breakfast: 4/15 (looking good, about 2 weeks until harvest!)

Peas, Wando Shelling: 4/28, 5/8 (filled in the holes where seeds did not germinate)

Squash, Trombocino: 4/29 (I don't think these will germinate, the heat wave got me overly ambitious!)

Broccoli, Packman (transplants): 5/3, 5/7

Cauliflower (transplants): 5/7

Parsley (transplants): 5/3

In the kids' garden: Peas: 4/28
Green Beans (transplants): 5/7
Broccoli: 5/7


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