Thursday, March 26, 2009

Opening Day

Today was our first day out working and planting in the garden. We worked on getting a few rocks out of the garden, but mostly, accomplished our two goals of getting some old seafood and egg shells out of the kitchen, and seeds into the garden. We put the shells into an old heavy duty plastic bag and crushed them up with a sledgehammer, then sprinkled it over the area of the garden where we are planning to plant our tomatoes. I am hoping to use eggshells for the tomatoes, and I read that seashells can act as lime, so I think the tomatoes could (hopefully)benefit from that as well. We marked out a small row to plant some broccoli raab seed. Last year we had no luck with the raab at all. It didn't grow very well, and whatever plants we got bolted since it was planted too late. We're about 5 or 6 weeks from our last frost date, so this time I'm hoping our timing is right on. This is one of my favorite vegetables and I have never found it at any of the farmers' markets, so we really need to grow our own. The last job was adding some compost to the seeds. This was a first for me. We started our compost pile last summer and this is the first time I stuck my hands into the stuff. Worms, dirt, some leftover bits of scraps and all...I dug right in. After getting over my initial squeamishness of it, it was a somewhat satisfying way of starting off our 2009 gardening season. Aside from the purchase of the seeds, this crop will be all our own.

Broccoli Raab seeds

(Picture from the BI website, seeds purchased from Ponemah Farms last year)

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